Short, Shorter, Shortest Stories

So you think Texas is all desert and full of cowboys. Well, maybe you know that’s an outdated impression. So it’s all glamour and big money and big hair. You’re right: a view that’s not gone totally with the “Dallas” t.v. show (which may come back). There’s still plenty of glamour and big money and maybe some big hair in the real Dallas.

Not all there is to Texas?  There’s the Rio Grande and the suburb of Mexico.

Then there’s east Texas. Maybe you know the coast line, the Indian reservations, the rivers and huge lakes.

And then there’s my part of Texas: Northeast Texas. And the part I’m here to tell you about. If you leave Dallas and head east you’ll pass through plenty of prairie until some seventy miles you’ll begin to see evidence of what’s to come: scattered trees and dairy farms and small ponds and little towns. Then somewhere down the road, you’ll begin to see the trees: the beginning of the Big Woods. The  woods that protect–and can smother. And the place I’ll tell you about with story.

I call my town in the Big Woods, Wood’s Creek of Creek County, Texas. There’s Wood Creek, the creek, and Wood’s Creek Lake, the lake. Also a defunct housing project called “Crazy Acres” and a retirement center called “Beautiful Rest.” (You’ve worked hard all your life and you deserve a beautiful rest.)

There are good people in my town. A few despicable ones. Some bigots. Some Christians: the narrow-minded and the liberal. Well, maybe not the liberal.

Some of the stories have the basis in truth. Some come strickly out of my graying head. But all of them have some point to make.  Maybe I’ll tell you what I remember about being young. Maybe I’ll tell you what I’ve learned having lived through most of the last half of the twentieth century. Take any lessons that help you in your journey. Discard the others. Leave your comments if you choose. Tell your friends (or enemies) about my stories. You wouldn’t know of a publisher looking for a novel or three, would you?

But, whatever, I hope my stories entertain you.

Rena McClure Taylor, From Northeast Texas with Love